No Reservations Necessary
Walk-ins are welcome. However, due to coronavirus restrictions we can only run at half capacity so try to call ahead at 757-707-3200. On weekends, you may want to book online. We have seated stations that are only $15 per hour so if you haven't tried VR yet, come in and try it out. If you want to get on a high-end VR system, these are $25 per station. You can share stations too but if you want to play together you'll need one station for each player. See our pricing page for more details.
Parties and Team Events
We specialize in providing entertainment to groups of all sizes and ages. We can host parties during, before, or after hours. Packages start at $10 per person per hour with a minimum of $200. Our catering partners are Olde Town Pizza and Pasta and Allure Bakery. Olde Town offers us great rates on fine Italian food. Our favorite sweets are from Allure Bakery and we have a discounted rate. Our location is fully accessible complete with restroom, kitchen with refrigerator and microwave. We stock soft drinks and snacks and keep bottled water on hand for your gaming time outs. Private parties are allowed to serve alcohol with banquette license and $100 fee.
Off-Site Events
We bring equipment to your location too. For schools please see our education page. Other families, businesses, and organizations please see our off-site page.
To book your event contact the owner of New World VR, Donna Facer at 757-707-3200. She'll make sure your event is successful and you have everything ready when your guests arrive.
Other Information
Guardians are required to read and sign our waiver before any session. Persons that have had seizures should consult their doctor about using virtual reality. Children are expected to respect each other and follow manager instructions during VR sessions. Young children may need assistance from guardians.


  • 16 seated stations
  • 6 standing multiplayer stations
  • Over 100 games
  • Play as many games as you like


  • Oculus GO
  • HTC Vive arena
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Thrustmaster cockpit for racing


  • Seated station $15 per hour
  • Standing $25 per hour
  • Half hour of each $20
  • 10-player party $200

Our experiences are designed for all players and we offer beginner headsets loaded with experiences based on three levels of comfort: comfortable, normal, and vertigo inducing on our seated stations. Some stations are seated and others are standing but all allow for 360-degree immersive experiences.

Our store offers so many titles (over 100) so you can try before you buy. You can also play in multiplayer modes in our arena or party room right here with your friends. We have designed our space from the ground up for VR.

Generally, VR equipment is designed for ages 13 and above. Younger players should be accompanied by an adult that will review the terms of use and sign our waiver before playing. The adult is expected to monitor younger players to ensure they follow gaming rules. If a child is not able to follow rules they will be asked to sit and watch.

Cleanliness is a priority at our store and always has been even before Coronavirus. Everyone that uses the equipment is expected to wipe their hands with our provided towelettes before use. We use industry specific cleaning wipes and solutions to maintain clean equipment and also change out headset foam inserts on a regular basis. We wipe down touch points. Now due to the virus we will also be testing your temperature and oxygen level before entering gaming arena. We also supply you with masks if you don't have them. These should be worn when coming in close contact with staff and other guests when necessary.

Yes. In most cases the headset will provide enough space for your glasses to fit inside. If necessary, there is an additional insert that can be used to add more depth to the headset. However, large round frames (like sun glasses) may not fit in the headset so if you have smaller frames please bring them.

Yes. For most people VR is a safe activity. However, certain individuals are better off just watching. Persons that have experienced seizures should not do VR. If you have a specific medical condition you should consult your doctor before using VR. Anything that limits your normal reflexes or self-control should not be used before engaging in VR. People that typically get motion sickness or car sick my also find VR disorienting.

Yes. We cover the headsets with inserts to protect the equipment and your face. The equipment does not cover earlobes or noses, but does sit on eyebrows and head. Pony tails, hair wraps, and hats can get in the way of the headset. If you intend on engaging in physically active experiences such as VRSports, DanceParty, or Blasters, you may want to remove your jewelry to ensure that you don’t pull it off and break it.

Yes. We have an eat-in kitchen and bar seating in the front and back of the store. We have a kitchen with refrigerator and microwave for parties and regular customers to use. We even have a local eats menu book to order from. Please use trash and recycle bins located in the kitchen to clean up after yourself. Please use provided wipes before returning to game play. Alcoholic beverages may only be brought in for private bookings and includes an additional $100 charge. Smoking is not permitted in the store.

Yes. We ask that everyone maintain a level of respect for each other in our store. That is all. If you have a large group that is likely to get louder than everyone else you should consider reserving the entire store. Since equipment can be shared you can actually play here for $10 per person per hour. The max capacity for the store is 45 persons. For more information contact us.

If you have any other questions please email us and we’ll add the answer here.