VR Education for all

VR in Schools
We have the technology. Right now, virtual reality can impact every core subject in schools. Content is readily available for frog dissection, travel through space and history through time, art design, foreign language practice and study of math and physical concepts. The immersive quality of VR keeps students on track as it draws them into its media while shutting out the rest of the school environment. We are offering two ways to bring VR to students.
School Location Sessions
Equipment can be brought to your school or classroom. We will define a session based on your expected outcomes. Some sessions may require auditorium space and all sessions will require Wi-Fi access. If your school decides to add VR stations to its library we are glad to help. Use our funding program to gather funds to purchase your own equipment. We can train your staff too!
Our Location
New World VR is ready for classes of up to 40 students in small groups. We will define the session based on your expected outcomes. We can work with your teachers to find innovative solutions for learning. As the owner, I have over 10 years of experience designing online learning programs and would love to opportunity to collaborate on a virtual reality project for your school.
Other Information
Guardians are required to read and sign our waiver before any session. Children that have had seizures should consult their doctor about using virtual reality. We can accommodate special needs students but need to know in advance so the session can be defined for the intended audience. Children are expected to respect each other and listen to instruction during sessions.