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Over 100 Titles!
When you book time at New World VR you will gain access to over 100 Virtual Reality titles. That's a lot of games! We've classed our content into genres that will help you find your favorites. Each title also has an age rating, comfort level, and difficulty level to make selection fast. It'll be easy to enjoy your experience at New World VR. Check out our picks lists for kids, men, ladies, and teams.

Check it out! Our VR Experiences

  • You can't pass up your turn on Blasters. These VR hits will boost your endorphines! Make it even better by trying our haptic feedback vest.


  • DanceParty is an experience designed for teens and adults that love to dance. These games will keep the party alive long into the night.


  • Release your passion for your favorite sport with these takes on real and unreal sports. You may find a new favorite.


  • A fullfilling mix of easy and fun titles with the addition of a few fear factor challenges to test your core. These are some of the most well know VR games.


  • Handiscape is exporitory, creative, and enchanting VR. Handiscape will broaden your mind in perhaps profound ways.


  • All of the best art games and apps for making 3D, 360 degree, kinetic art. Don't be shy, be creative!


  • A collection of single player, co-op, and multiplayer social titles that support team creativity, connectivity, and development.


  • Oh yah. To the sky and beyond! These games will surely make you high on VR. Go ahead! Command your own ship. Rule the world.


  • We know you love water. While we're looking for a great submarine battle, you can dive into these oceanic adventures.


  • Use these fantasy weapons to destroy your enemies. Stunning graphics and ultimate fantasy play.


  • We're building up muscle car and racing titles. Project Cars 2 is also available with our racing cockpit.


  • Last but not least and mom's most favorite. ChillOut contains all of the relax, travel, 360 entertainment, and exploration titles.