Off-Site Events
We bring our VR equipment to schools, museums, conventions and other events. The wide range of content we offer means anyone can enjoy a VR experience. It's not just games either. Recently the virtual reality industry has seen breakthrough film productions that are winning awards at film festivals worldwide. New World VR intends to bring many of these new experinces to you!
School Sessions
Equipment can be brought to your school or classroom. We will define a session content based on your expected outcomes. Please see our education page to learn more about how VR is used in education.
Group Presentations
If you really want to make a lasting impression on your audience, VR is the way to do it. New World VR is adding the capability to create custom VR presentations and bring equipment ready for your presentation. We can also manage a VR event when you already have VR content ready.
Social Occations
VR is the perfect entertainment for parties, wedding receptions, team building, and family gatherings. It is just as much fun to watch perople in VR as it is to do it (well almost). We bring our carts to your party along with TVs so everyone can watch the action. Please see our experiences page to see what games we can bring to your party.