VR Summer Camp 2019

Every Monday and Tuesday this summer! Hours are from 10AM to 2pm for the 2-day sessions. Must book in advance by emailing us at newworldvr@icloud.com. Max number of students per session is 12. Ages accepted are 10 to 15. Lunch is provided. If your student has alergies please inform us and send in a lunch.
Day 1
On the first day we will explain the science of virtual reality. We will then enter into a virtual session where the students will have their own VR headset and can edit their own avatars, chat, and play games in various virtual environments. We'll have lunch and then build infinity mirrors that the students can take home. If there is extra time we'll play on the VR equipment some more.
Day 2
On the second day we will explore game design through a creative process. We will play with motion capture equipment and record and edit 360 video. For those that want, we will also write a short program to play our video in VR. A real-world developer will be on a video call to discuss game design. We'll have lunch and spend time in VR the last hour.
About the Instructor
Donna Facer, owner of New World VR, has a BA in Physics and has spent the over 10 years developing online education programs with education companies such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson, National Geographic Learning and EdTech Lens.
$100 per student per session. Siblings get a 10% discount (other store discounts do not apply). Must book in advance by emailing us at newworldvr@icloud.com with student name, age and date requested. Note: If we have less than 6 students registered one week prior to each session we may have to reschedule.
Other Information
Guardians are required to read and sign our waiver before the first day. Children that have had seizures should consult their doctor about using virtual reality. Parents are welcome to stay and observe the sessions. Children are expected to respect each other and listen to instruction during class.